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Parent & Student Hope Summer Camp Handbook 23'

Check-in Procedures

Once students arrive, the adult dropping off will sign him or her in by scanning the QR code sent to register them. In the event the system is down the parent/adult will sign their child in manually.

Pick-up Procedures

The parent and or guardian will have to sign each child out indicating the time of departure. Children will not be released to anyone other than a parent, guardian, or person listed on the child’s registration form unless the child’s parent notifies the program prior to pick up time. If a staff member is unfamiliar with any person picking up a child, the staff member will ask to see a form of identification before the child is released.

Late Pickup Policy

The program closes at 5:00 p.m. If a 5:00 p.m. arrival is unlikely, please take a moment to call or text 719-492-2861 informing us.

A late fee of $1.00 per minute will be charged for a pickup after 5:00 p.m. An entry in the late pickup log will detail the time of pickup and the amount due. Late fees will be added to the child’s tuition bill. After the third occurrence of a late pickup, the five minute grace period will be revoked. Continual late pickup may result in a child’s suspension or removal from the program.


The program strives to meet each child’s need for physical and intellectual activities through a carefully designed schedule of educational, enrichment, and recreational programs. Throughout the camp, your child is offered a variety of activities. A schedule of activities/field-trip will be distributed at least two days prior to field trip. If a child does not wish to participate in an activity, they may be withdrawn from the activity. Children who do not participate in a scheduled activity may do another activity.


Healthy choice snack options will be available. If a student doesn’t desire the snack provided, he or she may eat a snack from their lunch. Snack schedule is posted on the daily schedule . If your child has any food allergies, dietary restrictions, or prefers different or additional food, please feel free to send a snack to with your child.

Outdoor play

Students will participate in outdoor play periodically throughout the day. However, we will cancel due to precipitation, icy ground conditions, temperatures below 20 degrees, or excessive wind or heat. In order to keep staffing levels at a safe number, we are unable to offer indoor supervision for children who prefer to remain inside.

Possessions from Home

Since we cannot guarantee the safe return of personal belongings, the program asks that any personal possessions be left in backpacks during a child’s time in the program. Students may bring electronic games from home ONLY if they are used during scheduled times and with the permission of staff, this will be limited to at least 2 hours a day. Responsibility for the safekeeping of electronic games and toys brought from home remains with the child. The program does not allow the use of toy weapons or trading cards at any time.


Children who attend the program should be well enough to follow the normal routine of the Program. Children who have a contagious condition, eye aliment, head lice, rash, fever, vomiting, or diarrhea, may not attend the program and must be fully recovered before returning to the program.

Please report any changes of emergency contact information, employment, telephone numbers, or addresses to the office as soon as they become available. Although this information will be kept confidential, it will be shared with appropriate staff members to facilitate communication with parents or guardians in emergency situations.

Accidents or Acute Illness

In the event of an accident or acute illness, every effort will be made to notify the child’s parents prior to treatment. If a situation requires immediate attention, 911 will be called and the child will be transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Medication Policy

The program will dispense prescription medication ONLY when the written permission of the child’s doctor and parent or guardian is on file at the program. All medication administered by the staff of the program must be current and, in a pharmacy, labeled container. An adult must bring the medication into the Program. Children are not allowed to transport medication. Expired medications will be returned to the families.

Abuse and Neglect Policy

The staff of the program are mandated reporters, and report all suspected instances of abuse or neglect to the Department of Social Services.

Clothing Requirements

The children can expect to play outside, proper clothing is required. Children without boots or snow pants will be asked to stay on shoveled areas.


The children and staff of the program are asked to treat each other with respect, tolerance, kindness, and consideration. The rules and behavior expectations utilized by the program will be explained to the children clearly and reinforced in a consistent manner.

Discipline is imparted through loving, positive and consistent reinforcement and

redirection. We stress two main patterns of behavior: respect for other people and respect for property. The rules are explained to the children frequently, so they are all familiar with the guidelines. Please keep in mind that there WILL be disagreements between children.

Disciplinary Action:

The steps listed below will be followed by staff in the event discipline is warranted:

•Child will be given a warning for inappropriate behavior.

•If behavior continues, another warning will be given with the gentle explanation of what will happen if the behavior continues.

• If the undesired behavior continues, the child is moved from the other children and placed on a designated “Peace Pillow” or chair for one minute per age of the child.

•After the timer has gone off, the child is talked to and asked if they are ready to rejoin their class or continue their activity. If so, then they are asked what they could have done instead and asked to apologize if an apology is owed. Then allowed to go back to what they were doing. All is forgiven. We are allowed to start our day over anytime we chose, we believe in giving that right to the children also. We want to teach them that it’s the behavior that is not accepted rather than them as a person.

In case of continuous indiscipline, the parents will be involved and could be asked to pick child up.


The program maintains an open door policy. Please feel free to direct questions or concerns related to any facet of the program.

Any questions regarding tuition, policies, activities, or a child’s participation in the program may be directed to at 719-492-22861 or email at

In a concern involving a staff member arises, please speak directly to the staff member involved. If the matter cannot be resolved directly with the staff member, the Program Director will meet with the staff member and arrange a meeting with the staff member and parent to discuss and resolve the concern.

Cost: $210 per person/per session. Payment plans available.


Session 1 June 26th – 30th, 2023 | 8:30a – 5:00p

Session 2 July 24th – 28th, 2023 | 8:30a – 5:00p

Target Age groups: Entering 1st Grade – entering 5th Grade

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